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Friarwood was established in 1967 but has recently been taken over by a new, young, and entrepreneurial team. Hello Digital began working with this new team to revolutionise their ecommerce and point-of-sale system.


Effortlessly combining technology and user-experience

When we began talking with Edouard, Ben, and the team at Friarwood it became apparent that they had ambitious plans to revolutionise their business. E-commerce was at the forefront of those plans and our team needed to think outside of the box to deliver cutting edge technology, combined with a user-experience to match.
Friarwood E-commerce website shown on an iPad with a grape background

Interview with Edouard Dautreix

Modernising a vintage business

What is the story of the business so far?

Friarwood was started by the late Peter Bowen in his mid 20’s. Friarwood grew to become one of the largest wholesaler of wine in the UK in the mid 80’s. Sales declined until the business was purchased by Ben Carfagnini in 2015. With a new management in place, the idea was to rejuvinate the company, focusing on high quality service, flexibility and reliability. The company also started focusing more on business to consumer.

Why did you choose to work with Hello Digital?

Hello Digital shares the same values as Friarwood. Hello Digital is a young entrepreneurial team which always want to challenge things inherited from the past. Like Friarwood, Hello Digitial believed in Vend, and how the platform is revolutionizing the POS world.

How did hello digital help you?

Hello Digital managed to bring a massive amount of experience and expertise on e-commerce. The team understood our needs and really did their homework to understand a tricky industry, the wine industry.

Animation showing wine being selected on the Friarwood E-commerce website
Search Friarwood’s range of spirits with our interactive tool above


Find the perfect wine

When shopping online it is easy to lose the connection to the products you would otherwise build in-store. To solve this problem we worked with Friarwood to build a unique wine search tool based on their real tasting notes from the store. The end result is a tool that lets customers experiment with hundreds of thousands of potential wine pairings based on taste, style, region, grape, and more.


“Hello Digital offers and deliveries boutique solutions to business with a strong focus on user experience and cutting-edge technologies. Friarwood shares with Hello Digital the emphasis on user experience and customer service, and thus was extremely happy with how the project was managed, developed and implemented.”

Edouard Dautreix, Head of Operations

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