Everything you need to know about migrating from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify

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Expert advice and services

We have designed the world’s first course specifically designed to help Vend retailers build a successful website on Shopify. To complement this course, we have also put together a full range of services and information to help you make sense of this migration.

What’s going on?

Vend has recently announced that Vend Ecommerce is not available for use. Instead, it is recommended to begin thinking about migrating to one of their current Ecommerce integrations: Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. There are no timelines available for when the switch will take place. Vend will contact you closer to the time. In the interim we have decided to help retailers get a headstart.

We have chosen to put together a comprehensive range of resources to our theme customers and Vend clients to help them transition from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify.

However, let’s make it clear: we are not advocating or recommending moving away from Vend for your POS/inventory management. These resources are only related to your website. We have chosen Shopify as our first recommended solution after careful consideration and overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients. This is our own independent opinion. We will consider adding additional content for BigCommerce and WooCommerce based on demand.

The options available

There are three main options available to retailers. We have outlined these below.

DIY/Other provider

You can work with another provider of your choosing to help you migrate, or opt to do it yourself. You can choose Shopify, or work with another platform. Resources to get you started are available below.

Our expert course

 As a bridge between DIY and a service, we have developed the world’s first course designed specifically to help Vend retailers get online with Shopify. This will take you from start to finish without the need to hire in help.

Done for you service

Short on time? We also offer a full end-to-end service, combined with our expert course, that allows us to give you the best possible start to Shopify. Availability for this service is strictly limited.

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Not sure where to start?  Read on.

If you currently use Fleur or Kokoa you may be wondering what to do next. Since Vend Ecommerce is structurally unique, we are unable to offer the exact same themes on other platforms. Doing so would be prohibitively expensive, and it would discount the value of Shopify specific themes that are designed from the ground up to take advantage of Shopify’s features.

Instead, you can continue to use our themes (or any other theme) on Vend Ecommerce until the system is unavailable. We would recommend using this time in the interim to get up to speed with another platform and consider making the switch. You are free to choose your own platform, however, our recommendation is Shopify. To help make this switch as easy as possible we have designed a full end-to-end course that will walk you through every step of the process. You can access the entire first section of the course for free. In the first section we outline a proposed set of steps to take, so even if you don’t sign up for the remainder of the course you can still receive some benefit.

Desktop computer showing Coco E-commerce website mockup

I’m absolutely loving your course. Congratulations, it is brilliant! You have made it so easy for me to make the switch to Shopify. Your lesson plan is very well organised and easy to follow. Your tips and advice is perfect for me. Thanks so much.

Nikki Miller

Owner, Springy Feet

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions and answers for our theme customers, as well as any other retailer using Vend Ecommerce.

Why do I need to move away from Vend Ecommerce?

Vend Ecommerce is currently in the process of being sunset. You can still use Vend Ecommerce for the foreseeable future, but it is important to consider getting a website built on a supported platform.

Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are all supported platforms. We are not locking you into a particular platform, however, our recommendation to most retailers is Shopify in combination with Vend POS.

Can I stay on Vend Ecommerce?

Yes, you can continue to use Vend Ecommerce and any theme until the system is unavailable. There are currently no timelines on this, but you will be contacted by Vend closer to the time.

I use Fleur or Kokoa, can I request a refund?

Our refund policy has always been that no refund can be issued after the purchase is made. This is because themes are downloadable, non-returnable items. This refund policy is identical to every other theme provider using Vend Ecommerce.

Why should I use Shopify with Vend?

Shopify is a world-leading commerce platform. Put simply, in our opinion it is the best platform available for Vend retailers to use to grow their business. When using the Vend+Shopify integration you can continue to use Vend as normal in-store, while getting enormous amounts of value out of Shopify online.

When using Shopify you will immediately have access to tools currently unavailable on Vend Ecommerce. These include customers accounts, the ability to edit email templates, earn loyalty online and in-store (using Marsello), drag-and-drop your website layout, and access one of the largest communities of merchants and app developers in the world.

How do I get started?

We recommend checking out our course Migrating from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify. You can go through the entire first section for free (no credit card or signup required). The first section should answer most of your questions, and it will also outline a map of what the next few weeks could look like for you.

Following this you can either:

  1. Purchase the course and go through the 10-day programme
  2. Reserve a spot on our migration package
  3. Do the migration yourself with information from the internet
  4. Hire another company to help you migrate

Although we are biased, it is worth noting that there is currently no other resource online that matches our course in terms of depth or content covered. There are no guides online for how to integrate Vend and Shopify, and although you can add the Shopify app to Vend relatively easily, it can be difficult to diagnose problems or know how to even begin. We highly recommend checking out the first few videos in the course if you are unsure at all about where to get started.

Can I use BigCommerce or WooCommerce instead?

Yes, you are entirely free to use BigCommerce or WooCommerce instead of Shopify. These are not integrations that we currently have resources on, but depending on demand we will consider it. We have seen the most success in our clients when they choose Shopify, hence our choice to offer Shopify content first.

I'm a web developer who has worked with Vend Ecommerce. Can you help?

If you are a web developer who has clients using Vend Ecommerce we can offer special partnerships and perks on our course, as well as white labelled services. Contact us for more information.

Vend Migration Package

Although our course is designed to get you up and running in around two weeks, we understand not everyone has the time to build a new website. If you are wanting an expert service to get you started, consider our migration package.

Purchase of a migration package also includes full access to our Migrating from Vend Ecommerce to Shopify Course. If you have already purchased the course, part of your course fees can be used to discount the cost of a migration package.

To understand what is included, check out our online pricing sheet below. Finally, due to high demand, we are asking that retailers register their interest in services on our waiting list. We want to provide the best possible service, so we will get back to you within three days to answer any questions and book in your personalised migration.

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