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Common web design myths debunked

When it comes to websites, opinions can turn to ‘fact’, and suddenly everyone is taking that opinion as gospel. There are a lot of opinions out there that are simply not true anymore. To start you on the right foot, here are some common web design myths that you shouldn’t buy into…

How to take your digital agency to the next level

If you run your own digital agency it is safe to assume you have a high level of technical knowledge and skills. But in order to kick things up a notch, you need more than technical skills. You also need some business savvy under your belt. So what kind of business savvy do you need? Let’s explore…

Why choosing the right Shopify theme is important

A Shopify theme is a template the determines what your site will look like and how it will function. Your choice of theme will depend on your industry and the branding of your business. Let’s look at why you should carefully consider the Shopify theme you choose for your business.

Shopify announces plan to expand to Wellington

Shopify has announced plans to expand into Wellington, hiring 100 new gurus to improve the experience for E-commerce merchants in Wellington, New Zealand, and Australia. Read our reaction and thoughts on the future.

An evening with Shopify in Wellington

Shopify is joining WREDA and hosting their first ever “Evening with Shopify” in Wellington. Hello Digital will be on the Q&A panel, joining Shopify, Collect Apps, and Caughley. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Using Trello to manage your projects

Become a project management master by streamlining your business and creating efficiencies all with Trello, one simple to use system. Want to know how to do it?

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